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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a totally scientific and natural phenomena best described as deep state of relaxation and concentration, wherein the mind becomes distant and detached from everyday cares and concerns. This state is neither sleep nor unconsciousness but an altered state of awareness, often referred to as a 'hypnotic trance' or 'hypnotic relaxation'. The conscious and analytical part of the mind is safely bypassed allowing more direct access to the unconscious (subconscious) part of your mind whereby you 'let things happen' and respond positively to suggestion.

The experience of the hypnosis is different for each person. The best way to describe it is a shift or altered state of awareness. The individual is in complete control, but extraordinarily focused on their internal experience, and on the voice of the hypnotist. This dispels the popular myth that a hypnotized person is unconscious or unable to respond to emergencies, or to oppose the will of the hypnotist if they should wish to do so.

As a therapy (often referred to as hypnotherapy), hypnosis can be used for helping change behavior, overcoming fears and phobias, conquering stress and anxiety, breaking bad or damaging habits, losing weight, personal development, beating depression and so on. By purposefully and systematically entering hypnosis we have an opportunity to foster physical and emotional balance on an unconscious level and therefore improve the quality of our lives.

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness. There are arguments for and against it being a ‘special’ state but having hypnotized thousands of people in one to one situations I know this ‘special’ state exists. It is true that suggestions can be given and acted upon in normal waking consciousness but suggestions are far more effective when delivered to a person in an altered state brought on by a hypnotic induction.

People sometimes shy away from hypnosis but often this is because they misunderstand what it actually is. Much of the misunderstanding of hypnosis comes from stage shows and the way that it is portrayed in the media. Stories about hypnosis only tend to make the news if there is a problem or if it is misused.

In reality hypnosis works very simply. In a professional one to one situation hypnosis is achieved by using various techniques to guide the client in to deeper levels of relaxation. It is often a gentle progression from waking consciousness into a deep level of mental and physical relaxation, rather than a flashy click of the fingers that you might see on TV or in stage shows.

When you are in a hypnotic state you will still be aware of your surroundings even as you drift into deeper states. It can sometimes feel as though very little is happening and that you can open your eyes at any time and be wide-awake. This is because being under hypnosis doesn’t feel unusual. It doesn’t create a special feeling and so people often don’t realize when they are under hypnosis.

Being in an altered state of consciousness or in a hypnotic trance is actually something you will experience naturally many times in your life. For example, just before you fall asleep each night and before you are fully awake in the morning you are in a trance state that everyone on the planet experiences. These morning and evening trance states are called the hypnogogic and hypnopompic states. Daydreaming is another naturally occurring trance state that is familiar to all of us and one that is similar to being in a light state of hypnosis.

When you are in a deep level of mental and physical relaxation you become receptive to suggestions and accepting suggestions is the key to using hypnosis as a therapeutic tool. A post hypnotic suggestion is a suggestion given that will be acted upon at a later time. For example if a post-hypnotic suggestion is given that “as soon as your head touches the pillow each night, you will find it easy to go into a deep relaxing sleep.” When a suggestion like this is accepted by your unconscious mind the next time you go to bed and your head touches the pillow you will indeed find it easy to go to sleep.

We spend most of our time in our conscious thoughts and only sporadically tap into our unconscious mind when we daydream or get creative ideas. The only other time we spend in our unconscious thoughts is when we are sleeping, when our conscious mind has switched off. Learning to connect with your deep unconscious mind through hypnosis can help you in so many different ways to achieve goals, find your creativity, or overcome difficulties.

Why is hypnosis so effective?

Positive thoughts breed positive actions which bring positive success. That's exactly how hypnotherapy works, helping install new feelings of well-being. Since hypnosis is accessing the creative unconscious part of the mind, there is much less resistance in accepting positive suggestions. Therefore the treatment can often be much more effective, and produce much quicker results, than with those achieved by psychotherapy alone.

Does hypnotherapy/self hypnosis work for everyone?

It’s important to remember that everyone has his or her own unique experience of hypnotherapy/self hypnosis. What one person feels may be entirely different from the next. Many people shy away from the use of hypnotherapy/self hypnosis because they don’t understand how or why it works, or fear they cannot be hypnotized.

It is thought that about 5% of people are classically un-hypnotizable, most people (85%) show normal scores, and about 10% are hypnotizable to extreme depths and show the classical deep trance phenomena.

With our hypnotherapy/self hypnosis audio sessions you don’t have to go that deep to get the benefits of hypnosis. If you are willing to listen and relax as deeply as you can, you will experience benefits. Hypnotherapy/self hypnosis does not come easily for everyone. Normally the results are noticed within a month. Some people will have to try harder at it than others, but if you dedicate yourself to getting the most out of each session, you accept all the instructions given, then you will. By staying motivated, listening often, and following the suggestions you are sure to experience successful hypnotherapy/self hypnosis.

How safe is hypnotherapy/self hypnosis? Should I be worried?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring, beneficial, positive state, and as far as we’re concerned it can never be bad for your health. It is just deep relaxation after all. Our guess would be that all medical practitioners would agree on the health benefits of deep relaxation. So as a therapy it should be embraced for producing personal growth, and personal empowerment.

Will Hypnosis Make Me Act Strangely?

Hypnosis is not what the movies have made it out to be. In reality, hypnosis is the act of achieving an induced state known as Alpha. Alpha is a light trance-like state that many people experience throughout the day without even realizing it. Some refer to it as being on auto-pilot. You can drive a familiar road without focusing on the route, but you subconsciously know when and where to turn. Should a child dart out in front of your car, you would be able to react and stop quickly. The same is true of the Alpha state of mind. Responses to important stimuli are still possible. It is also the perfect time to impose suggestions that can mean real differences in your life. 

During the Alpha state people are 200 times more influenced by suggestions. Self-hypnosis programs help you achieve that perfect state in which changes are made.

What Types of Changes Can I Make Using Hypnosis?

You can change the way you think about yourself and even change your physical health and appearance through directed hypnotic methods. Have more confidence, lose weight, or stop smoking after just 3 weeks of daily hypnosis. You can boost your immune system and have more muscle mass and better looking skin.

Will hypnotherapy/self hypnosis totally change me as a person?

Our hypnotherapy/self hypnosis audio sessions are designed to help you to change in a positive way. So don't worry, you will still be you!

How do your hypnotherapy/self hypnosis audio sessions work?

When listening to one of our hypnotherapy/self hypnosis audio sessions, you will be gently and effortlessly guided into a state of deep relaxation. This is achieved by a technique called progressive relaxation, which involves following very simple verbal instructions and positive suggestions, which leads to you becoming progressively more and more relaxed. As your body relaxes so too does your mind.

When you enter this deep state of relaxation, which we call ‘creative relaxation’, the conscious part of your mind can be easily distracted. While this happens, positive suggestions are given directly to the creative unconscious (subconscious) part of the mind. Since the doorway to the unconscious mind is now open, it is much more receptive to the information it needs to change the unwanted experience or behavior you want to stop.

How long are your hypnotherapy/self hypnosis sessions?

The length of each hypnotherapy/self hypnosis recording varies, depending on the situation and the problem.

Remember that acceptance, following given instructions without any excuse, and repetition of instructions is the key for hypnotherapy/self hypnosis. The more you hear the suggestion, the more likely it is to be accepted by your creative unconscious. And we know that motivation is helped and maintained if listened to everyday. Preferably twice if possible. If not, even once gives satisfied results. By listening twice a day will reduce the time to get the results.

When will I notice the results of hypnotherapy/self hypnosis?

Everyone’s experience with hypnotherapy/self hypnosis is unique, so each person will experience positive change at different speeds and levels. Some people might get real results after a single session or after few days and for others it might take a few weeks before they notice a change. It’s not always an “Aha!” moment or some eureka experience. It’s more often something that happens without us really even noticing, such as when someone develops more self confidence without consciously noticing at first - which is very common.

Remember that we all have our own unique inner world and we each have our own timeframe for change. It’s impossible to predict when and how change will occur, but it does happen. Hypnosis is by far the most effective means of bringing about permanent and lasting behavioral and emotional change, even if we aren’t immediately aware of it.

Are your hypnotherapy/self hypnosis audio sessions suitable for children?

Your child should benefit from regular use of our hypnotherapy/self hypnosis products. In fact children will often respond even quicker than adults do, mainly because they have highly active imaginations and the imagination plays a large part in hypnosis. However, please ensure that you supervise your child’s use of any hypnotherapy/self hypnosis audio sessions.

Is it safe to use hypnotherapy/self hypnosis when you’re pregnant?

Yes, regular deep relaxation can only help you and your baby during your pregnancy. In fact, we have developed specific titles for pregnancy, these include: Easy natural childbirth, Manage morning sickness and Post natal depression. 

When and where should I listen to your hypnotherapy/self hypnosis sessions?

You can listen to any of our hypnotherapy/self hypnosis sessions anytime you like A good time to listen to our hypnotherapy/self hypnosis sessions is before bedtime. You can then fall asleep after listening. It’s also important you ensure that you won't be unnecessarily disturbed when you listen to a hypnotherapy/self hypnosis session. Allow yourself to have relevant time in a safe place with peace and quiet. But please do not listen the hypnotherapy/self hypnosis when driving or operating machinery , or when something else requires your full attention.

How often do I need to listen to each hypnotherapy/self hypnosis session?

Repeated listening is the key to success with our hypnotherapy/self hypnosis sessions. We recommend you listen to our hypnotherapy/self hypnosis recordings everyday preferably twice or at least once for the first three weeks. We then suggest you listen only once every day for the following three weeks or longer for maximum positive benefit. After this you should listen to the hypnotherapy/self hypnosis session if and when you feel the need. You will probably enjoy the creative hypnotic relaxation so much that you will want to continue to benefit by listening regularly.

Why do I need to listen more than once if they’re so effective?

The regular concentrated use of our hypnotherapy/self hypnosis audio sessions means that the suggestions and information within the session are much more likely to be accepted by your unconscious mind. This means you are much more likely to fully benefit from their use.

Can I listen to a hypnotherapy/self hypnosis session more than once a day?

Yes, twice a day is fine. Anymore might just be ‘too much, too soon’.

Can I use more than one hypnotherapy/self hypnosis session at once?

Yes of course. Some of our hypnotherapy/self hypnosis sessions compliment each other very well, such as ‘super self confidence’ and ‘boost your self esteem’ or ‘anxiety release’ and ‘stop worrying’. However, some issues are more complex and we would recommend caution in trying to tackle separate issues at once. For example weight loss and stopping smoking are very difficult to achieve at the same time, and it could be better to concentrate on each issue at different times. We also don’t recommend you listen to too many different sessions over the same period which is why we limit purchases to 5 sessions.

Is it better to concentrate on one issue or listen on alternate days?

Everybody responds in their own way to our hypnotherapy/self hypnosis products. It could well be useful to use them on the same day, especially if they compliment each. However, if your sessions are for very different, distinct problems, it might be more useful to listen to one session until you are feeling positive results and then start using another as and when you feel ready.

Can I listen to two or more sessions, one right after another?

We suggest that you do not listen to more than two hypnotherapy sessions right after each other. If you wish to play two together that’s fine, but ensure that they compliment each other and are not working to help you on very different problems.

Is there a limit to how many I should listen to in a day?

We suggest a maximum of two hypnotherapy sessions per day, (that compliment each other). Anymore and you may feel a little confused and not fully benefit from your efforts.

Are these recordings suitable for falling asleep to?

Whilst most of our hypnotherapy/self hypnosis sessions have a wake up part at the end, you can still use them to fall asleep to, by simply turning off the recording towards the end (just before the wake up part). Because you will feel so relaxed after listening to any of our hypnotherapy/self hypnosis sessions, it’ll be easy to just drift off into a natural sleep.

Does it matter if I fall asleep whilst listening? Will I still benefit?

Hypnotherapy/self hypnosis can be a natural bridge into sleep. Should you fall asleep during there use, don't worry. This is perfectly fine. Everybody is different. Keep using them for full positive benefit.

Is it common to fall asleep and then wake up towards the end?

Yes this is common. At the end of nearly all the hypnotherapy sessions, there is a wake up part, where you are instructed to wake up. It is common to feel like you were fully asleep and then just happened to wake up at the end. The reality is that you were probably not fully asleep during the session and that your creative unconscious (subconscious) mind knew it was time to wake up, or heard the words of the hypnotherapist.

Can I listen to a session on a loop, throughout the night?

We suggest that you use the hypnotherapy/self hypnosis audio sessions as directed. Concentrated use of the hypnotherapy session can be beneficial if your brain can manage it; however, we don't want to disturb your sleep pattern as regular sleep is important for good health.

Do I need to listen with headphones or can I listen on speakers?

If you don’t have any headphones then yes you can listen via speakers. But we strongly recommend you listen to our hypnotherapy/self hypnosis sessions using headphones. By listening through headphones it almost seems like the sound is plugged directly into your brain. Headphones also help in cutting down on any possible distractions. Remember that concentration is a key factor in hypnosis and your focus can be easily interrupted by outside noise. 

I am finding it hard to relax. Do you have any tips?

Some people say they have trouble relaxing and fear it may impact their ability to benefit from hypnotherapy. The best advice is to try not to think so much and just go with the flow and do as directed. Let it all happen naturally and just lay back (or sit back) and listen to what is being said and do as directed. If you’re being asked to concentrate on a certain part of your body, just follow and keep your focus.

Hypnotherapy/self hypnosis does not always come easily for everyone. However, if you dedicate yourself to getting the most out of each session, then you will. By staying motivated, listening often, and following the suggestions you are sure to experience successful hypnotherapy/self hypnosis.

What payment methods are available?

We accept various payment methods. Net banking & Direct deposit in bank, Money order, Cheque, Demand Draft & Paypal – one of the largest online payment providers having facility of credit card, bank transfer etc. to email id.

Is there any way to purchase products anonymously?

If ordering online then you must fill in your correct and complete details, along with the name of the person to be benefited as it is used in the sessions. otherwise your order will not get processed. Please remember that we respect our customer’s privacy, and your details will not be shared with any third party.

Will I receive unwanted emails or promotional mail?

No, we respect your privacy. We only send the occasional email newsletter to those who have opted in to our mailing list, and we never send promotional material via regular post/mail.

How long do I have to wait until I receive my hypnosis download/s?

All orders are processed separately. It normally takes 8 to 10 days to make your hypnotherapy/self hypnosis audio sessions. But it may happen that it may take some more time if the number of orders increase.

Do I need a special program to play the audio sessions download/s?

All our self-hypnosis audio sessions are MP3 files. You need MP3 player to play it on any pc/mobile.

Can I make a copy of your hypnosis download/s?

Our hypnotherapy/self hypnosis MP3 downloads are for personal use only, and are restricted to one person per download. You are allowed to make one copy onto a CD for your own personal use. Please see our terms and conditions page for more information.

Are the hypnosis downloads registered to my computer?

No, our hypnosis downloads are not registered to the computer you download them to.

Can I use the hypnotherapy/self hypnosis audio session given for me to benefit other members of my family, friends, relatives etc.?

Every hypnotherapy/self hypnosis audio session we sell is recorded by the name of the beneficiary provided in the order form. It is made to benefit that person only. If any other person uses it he will/may not get any benefit as all the instructions are given by that beneficiary name. Also it is legally prohibited as the session is made and send to you for download for your and only your personal use. This is intended to protect our intellectual property and incomes relating it from any type of misuse/fraud/malpractices.

In which languages can I get my hypnotherapy/self hypnosis audio sessions

You can get your hypnotherapy/self hypnosis audio sessions in English, Hindi and Marathi.

What if I don't know English, Hindi or Marathi?

Sorry Presently we make hypnotherapy/self hypnosis audio sessions only in English, Hindi or Marathi. You have to know and understand the language. At least meaning of each word and sentence spoken in the hypnotherapy/self hypnosis audio sessions. If you are not able to understand, you may not get your relevant results. Please don't order in such condition.

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